What you need to know about the new LG Home theater box


With the LG Home Theater box, LG has come up with a new design for a device that’s much bigger than a standard television.

The new box is much larger than a traditional television, and its shape is a bit different than what you’d expect from a home theater box.

In addition to the larger size of the box, it’s also got an external battery that has a more substantial battery than other box designs.

LG has also made some other changes to the design of the device, including the addition of a fingerprint scanner on the back of the front panel.

The fingerprint scanner is an improvement over LG’s previous Home theater boxes, which could detect your finger only once per scan.

LG also introduced a fingerprint sensor that is mounted to the top of the phone, with the sensor allowing the user to unlock the device with their finger or other body part.

There are a couple of other improvements as well.

LG introduced a feature that lets you lock the screen in order to access its apps, including an LG Watch Sport app that is compatible with the LG Watch Urbane.

This is an interesting addition because it could be used to let users set up a timer on the phone to get a notification when a new notification arrives.

Also, the watch app is now compatible with other watches like the Moto 360 and the Huawei Watch.

LG hasn’t confirmed this functionality yet, but the feature could make its way into the next iteration of the LG watch, the LG Gear.

LG announced a new Android Wear app in March, but it has yet to ship to users.

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