Men’s Golf shirts from brands givenchy,T-shirts,shirt,golf shirt


Google News is displaying a selection of men’s golf shirts from and that feature a shirt featuring a kiss t shirt.

While the shirt was not named givenchy or tshirt, the design has been trademarked by the company.

The shirt was designed by Sydney-based designer Michael J. Kayser and is made from a combination of wool and cotton.

While givenchy says it’s using a “natural colour”, we’re told the shirt’s text on the back was designed to match.

It was spotted on the site’s womens golf shirt page, which also features the popular Men’s Tennis shirt.

It’s unclear if the shirt is a givenchy collaboration or if it is the first such shirt that has been spotted by Google.

Givenchy and T-shirt are owned by the same company, but have been under development for a while.

The company’s website,, has a list of current designs.

We’ll update this story if we learn more.

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