Big Brother is a hot trend right now, and it’s a trend you won’t want to miss


You’ve probably heard it, but it’s true.

The new season of Big Brother has seen the trend of collared shirts and denim shorts popping up on social media.

These outfits can look just as cute and chic as the shirts worn by contestants, but they can also look downright bizarre, like the collared shirt worn by a contestant who was on the receiving end of a physical assault from a neighbor.

The collared trend began with the season 10 premiere of Big Brothers, when Cole Stryker’s brother-in-law, Josh, and his friend Joe were accused of domestic abuse by the woman Cole had been dating at the time.

Josh was charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery, but the charges were later dropped when Josh agreed to be interviewed by police.

Josh, who was wearing a collared button-down shirt and jeans, was arrested by the LAPD in March of 2018.

The video of the incident, which was released by the department in February of 2019, shows Josh hitting Joe in the face with a chair and then grabbing a pillow, breaking his nose, and forcing him to lie on the ground with his back to the camera.

Josh’s attorney, Josh Baughman, says the footage shows that Josh’s behavior wasn’t “sadistic” or “rude,” but that the incident was “inadvertent” and was “caused by a dispute.”

Josh and Joe, the show’s newest and oldest contestants, were both charged with a misdemeanor.

In February of 2020, Josh pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge and was sentenced to three months of probation.

Joe, who is known as the “Mighty Muppet,” has remained on the show for nearly two seasons and has won two consecutive Big Brother titles.

He has also earned the respect of the audience, often receiving raves for his work ethic and his social graces.

On the show, contestants have to wear a special mask to protect themselves from the cold and the elements, but in reality, these masks have evolved into something much more elaborate.

The first one debuted during the season nine premiere of Season 10, with the winner wearing a “Muppet” mask.

In addition to the mask, contestants must wear a belt around their waist and wear gloves to protect them from the elements.

This was followed by the “Kiss My Face” mask, which is a custom-made suit that can be worn with or without a mask.

The final mask, a “Big Brother” mask worn by the winner and a runner-up, was worn by Joe and Cole in their first and only Big Brother episodes, and was worn on the final day of filming in 2020.

Since the show debuted, several contestants have gotten into physical altercations with their neighbors.

In January of 2019 when Cole and Josh were competing for the final Big Brother title, the neighbors allegedly attacked one of the two contestants.

Josh said that he was assaulted by the neighbor in the bathroom, while Cole claimed that he had been kicked in the groin by a neighbor who was holding a hammer.

The feud has since escalated into a full-blown feud between Cole and Joe.

Cole told People that his neighbor is a “mean-spirited, spoiled brat” who has been “screaming at me for years.”

Joe has also been involved in a heated feud with his cousin, Josh’s girlfriend.

In November of 2017, Joe and his cousin were arrested for breaking into the home of Cole’s sister and attacking Cole’s girlfriend, Nicole.

Joe claimed that Nicole broke his nose and that she had threatened to kill him, according to the Daily Mail.

Joe’s sister, who also is a contestant, told TMZ that Cole’s cousin is “trying to pull a stunt on me,” and that Cole was “just going to beat up Nicole.”

Joe and Cole were both acquitted of the assault charges and each received a $50,000 settlement from the Los Angeles Police Department in May of 2019.

In June of 2020 when Joe and Josh competed for the first time, Cole was wearing his “Mister” mask to show his support for the new competitor.

Joe said he had worn the mask to support Cole’s “tough guy” persona and to remind Cole to “fight back” if Cole were to make an arrest.

Joe said that Josh had made a mistake and that he would not allow Josh to “get away with anything.”

Josh is still a contestant on the season, but he has since been suspended by the Big Brother producers, who have reportedly said that they will not allow him to compete again.

The season 10 finale aired last night and ended with Cole and Cole’s relationship becoming a major storyline in the Big Show.

Cole revealed that he wanted to have a child with Cole’s niece, but Cole has since announced that he is pregnant with his daughter, Leah.

Joe has not revealed

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