Which NFL QBs do you want to see on TV next season?


It was the most anticipated Super Bowl ever.

The Super Bowl is back.

Thats what the NFL has been hoping for, and with that came some big, big surprises.

Here are the Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks, ranked from most unlikely to most likely.1.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots (No. 6)The Brady-led Patriots have already won five Super Bowls and made the playoffs four times.

The team has been able to find some continuity and develop some key players on both sides of the ball, including wide receiver Julian Edelman and linebacker Malcolm Butler.

Brady has become the perfect coach for this offense, and he has made the Patriots the best team in the NFL, per Pro Football Focus.

But his most important weapon, Brady-to-Brady relationship, is in question after a number of incidents in recent weeks.

If Brady were to go down, Brady would be the greatest quarterback of all time.

The Patriots also need to get rid of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels soon, and that will require some changes on both the offensive and defensive lines.2.

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals (No 3)The Cardinals are a top-10 defense and a top team in many major offensive categories.

But a lot of the Cardinals’ struggles came from a lack of offensive playmakers.

Palmer is the best quarterback in the game, and a few of his throws were ugly.

The Cardinals have a history of quarterback injuries, but Palmer is one of the league’s top passers.3.

Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers (No 2)With Rivers back in the fold, the Chargers have been the best offensive team in football.

He has thrown for 4,722 yards and 30 touchdowns, which is tied for fifth-most in the league.

Rivers has thrown at least one touchdown pass every nine games, which ties him for fourth-most all-time.

Rivers’ big play ability has made him a top target for Carson Palmer.

The Chargers have the best passing attack in the AFC West.4.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (No 1)The Lions have been dominant this season, but it has been a struggle in the red zone.

Stafford has a very good history of getting open in the deep part of the field, and the Lions have the most touchdowns of any team in NFL history.

But they also have struggled in the end zone, as well, as they are tied for the second-fewest touchdowns in the NFC.5.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts (No 4)Luck has been the most impressive quarterback in Indianapolis.

He’s completed 69.2 percent of his passes, which tops the NFL.

Luck has a lot to prove in the playoffs, but he has become one of Luck’s favorite targets.

He will face a tough challenge to get the Colts to the Super 16 this season.6.

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (No 6)It was one of Wentz’s best seasons, but his inconsistency has caused a number other quarterbacks to drop out of the MVP race.

The Eagles will need Wentz to show up on offense as well as defense, but they have the second most points in the entire league.7.

Tom Savage, San Francisco 49ers (No 5)Savage is the second highest scoring quarterback in NFL annals behind Brady.

Savage has a great history of scoring touchdowns.

The 49ers have been among the best offenses in the past few seasons.

They have a deep receiving corps that can make plays in the passing game.8.

Eli Manning, New York Giants (No 7)The Giants will face the worst defense in football in their matchup against the Patriots.

Eli has been fantastic at the line of scrimmage, and has had some key throws to receivers like Victor Cruz.

But the Giants are a poor pass defense.

The Giants have the worst passing defense in the National Football League.9.

Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins (No 9)The Redskins are in the midst of a rebuilding phase, and Cousins has to prove himself to be the quarterback to beat the Denver Broncos in the first round.

Cousins has the best record in the division, but the Broncos are a much better team.10.

Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No 10)Freeman has been one of Freeman’s best players since he entered the league, and his play in the secondary is unmatched.

The Bucs have a tough schedule, and Freeman will need to prove he can be a difference-maker at the other end of the football.11.

Andrew Andrews, Atlanta Falcons (No 11)Andrew Andrews is one to watch this season as a rookie.

Andrews is a dominant player who has been solid in coverage.

The Falcons are a strong pass defense, so it will be interesting to see how Andrews can contribute in this scheme.12.

Kirk Ferentz, Kansas City Chiefs (No 12)Kansas City is a team that has struggled in recent seasons, and Ferents coaching is likely to help the Chiefs improve upon that.