Why we’re not sure what the Jaguars will wear this season


The Jacksonville Jaguars will get a few more looks before the regular season starts this week, but there’s still plenty to think about.

We asked the NFL to look at a couple of uniforms, and they’re not bad ones.

They’re the same as those worn by the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions this season.

Both teams have the exact same look, so we decided to look back at the uniforms that wore during the Jaguars’ Super Bowl run.

The Jaguars wore their signature blue uniforms to their Super Bowl victory in January, which included a helmet, piping, and the traditional Jags jersey cap.

The team has worn their traditional blue uniforms ever since, so it’s not a stretch to say that the blue helmets worn by teams that lost in Super Bowls during the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s are still going strong.

The Vikings have gone back to their traditional white uniforms from the 1940s to the 1970, and it’s still going on, but they’ve worn blue helmets since that time.

The Vikings have worn blue uniforms in Super Football Stadium and at home.

The Jaguars will likely have the same look for the first few weeks of the season.

The Lions have worn their classic blue uniforms for almost 20 years.

It looks almost like a traditional red and white uniform, with the black trim in the center, and a white collar and black piping on the sides.

The white collar also has the traditional Jaguars logo on it.

The Lions have a new helmet logo coming this season, but the new logo will be similar to the one worn during the team’s Super Bowl win.

The new logo, which is designed to resemble a traditional collar collar, will be part of a uniform for the start of the regular seasons.

The Cowboys will be wearing the new Cowboys uniform this season for the time being.

The logo will not be the same one that the Lions used for the Super Bowl.

The Cowboys will wear a white and blue helmet with the logo in white and black.

The uniforms will have the classic Cowboys logo in the middle and the team name on the right side.

The collar is also white.

The Bills are wearing their traditional red, white, and blue uniforms this season with the new helmet.

The traditional helmet will have a blue stripe on the left side, and there will be a white stripe in the right corner.

The red stripe is white and the white stripe is red.

The shoulder pads are black and the sleeves are white.

The black trim on the collar is white, as is the collar and sleeve trim.

The helmets will have black piping.

The jerseys will have white piping.

The Jets will be using the new helmets that the Vikings will wear in Week 1.

The Jets will have blue uniforms and blue piping on them.

The helmet will be white and have the traditional Jets logo on the bottom.

The jersey cap will have gold trim on it, with white piping on both sides.

The Titans will be starting a new look with the helmet logo.

The crest is white with a white logo on a blue background.

The pants and the socks will have silver trim, and both will have an orange stripe across the chest.

The orange trim will be silver and white.

In other words, the helmet looks like a white jersey with an orange trim.

It’s going to be a little hard to tell if the white jersey is white or white and gold trim.

The Dolphins will be in a new uniform this year.

The redesigned uniforms will be worn with the traditional Dolphins logo in black and white with blue piping.

It will be the only new uniform the team has since last year’s Superdome victory.

The Chargers will be sporting their new jerseys this season when they take the field for the preseason opener.

The Chargers will have yellow jerseys with the Chargers logo in red.

It is also the only uniform the Chargers have worn since last season.

They will not have a white helmet with an arrow on the back.

The tailgating uniforms are white with gold trim and a black piping across the front.

The Packers are wearing the white helmets they wore in the Superdame game and the yellow uniforms they wore for the game against the Eagles.

The Packers will not wear a blue helmet in preseason, and white helmets will be available for sale in Week One.

The Rams will wear their white helmets this season in Week 3.

It appears that the team is planning to switch to white uniforms in the regular-season opener against the Cardinals.

The colors of the helmets are black, red, and purple.

The gold trim is white.

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