Which NFL players are taking the next step and embracing a social media approach?


The NFL has been facing a backlash over its social media strategy in recent years, which has seen players like Hall of Famer Joe Montana, former Denver Broncos quarterback Wes Welker and current Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White, among others, embrace social media platforms to promote their games.

But some players are getting ahead of the curve and embracing the move, including former New England Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan, who said he will not be playing football in 2020 and will instead be spending time “working out” with his friends and family.

“I’m not saying I’m going to stop playing,” Ryan told ESPN.

“I’m just saying, I don’t want to be playing at this point.

I don.

I think I’m more ready for life after football.”

Ryan’s social media presence has increased dramatically since he left the NFL in 2017, posting more than 15,000 videos in the past year alone, according to The Sports Business Journal.

The Patriots wide receiver is also known for his passion for working out and has been featured on the popular workout program, Workout Club, by the NFL Players Association, which helped fund his first NFL career.

“As an athlete, I know that the more I work out, the better I get, and I think it’s just a great program,” Ryan said in a video posted by WorkoutClub.

“You see me at the top of my game, the more reps I get and the more time I spend with my teammates, the happier I am, and the better my football is.”

Ryan has also been known to take time off to spend time with his wife and two sons, who are both NFL players.

Ryan and his wife, Jaxlyn, have been engaged since October, and he recently announced that they were expecting their second child, who is due in 2020.