When Disney releases its new movie shirt, it won’t be the same as the shirt you saw in ‘Toy Story 3’


When Disney released the first teaser for the “Toy Story” film last week, it seemed to suggest a shirt featuring the classic Mickey Mouse head, complete with a new face mask.

But it turns out, there will be a completely new “disney shirt” for the upcoming “Frozen” sequel.

The new “Fantastic Frozen” shirt is inspired by the classic Disney shirt, but will feature a new “Disney” face mask and a different face on each side of the collar.

This is where the differences begin.

“The new shirt will be entirely different, with the face mask removed, the collar adjusted and the collar and collar plate placed on a completely different axis,” Disney tweeted on Tuesday.

“This is the first time that the iconic Mickey Mouse has been completely removed from the shirt.”

The new Disney shirt will also be different from the one in the film.

“When we started designing the new shirt, we knew it would be a very unique design, but we knew we wanted to keep the Disney shirt to a minimum,” Disney told EW.

“We wanted to retain as much of the character and emotion that made the original shirt so memorable.”

The “Fancy Furry Friends” “Festival of the Furries” “CandyCane” and “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” “Scout Party” and Disney Animated shorts will all be featured in the new “fantastic” shirt, Disney tweeted.

The new shirt is the latest in a series of new tees to come to Disney parks, and it’s not the first tees the company has teased with a more modern look.

Earlier in April, Disney teased a “Disney-themed” shirt with a “classic Mickey Mouse” face, and a “new” Disney shirt featuring a new Mickey Mouse face.

“This shirt is so much more than just a Disney shirt,” the company said in a statement to EW.

“[We] are going to unveil new designs every year, so we will never stop making them.

We will always be there to inspire fans with new designs that bring the Disney universe to life.”

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