How Fox T-Shirts Can Be Like a Comic Book Cover


In a perfect world, you’d get a t-shirt printed on high quality paper and hang it up in your home.

But in reality, most people just need to print their own, or a few of them.

And that’s where the comic book industry comes in.

The creators of the world’s first comic book printed in a 3D printer, the Fox shirts, have teamed up with a company called 3D Printed in America (3DP) to produce printed shirts for comic book publishers like Marvel, DC, and Image.

But 3DP is also partnering with a number of other companies, like 3D Printing Inc. (3PI), and is working with a handful of print companies like The Print Shop.3DP says it’s printing out about 50,000 shirts per month, and the shirts will be available for purchase at some retailers beginning this coming fall.

And while the shirts aren’t quite as high quality as the comic books printed in the 1800s, they’ll definitely make for a nice souvenir if you visit the printers booth at Comic-Con International.

Here’s how the shirts look printed on a print shop’s 3D Printer.

Here are some of the printed shirts that will be offered at comic book stores.

(We have some of them in the process of being printed.) 

If you need more help, you can check out 3DP’s website to learn more about how to print your own comic book, or check out the Fox shirt’s full specs below.

How to Print Your Own Comic Book, or Fox T ShirtThe 3DP shirts will also be available to buy at many other comic book retailers, including:Amazon 3DP Prints: The PrintShop: Amazon:,t=10_00&amp_title=Fox+T+Shirts