How to get a Balenciagar shirt on Halloween


You can buy a Balensiaga shirt on Black Friday, Halloween or Christmas and still look cool.

What if you had to get one and not wear it in public?

You can now.

BalenCIagar have teamed up with online retailer, Bespoke, to bring the latest look to Black Friday.

The BalenCiara shirt comes in three different colours, including a black and grey, and is available in sizes S, M and L. It comes in a variety of different styles, from the traditional black-and-white striped shirt, to a variety patterns and prints.

The shirt can also be paired with a black leather jacket and a leather belt.

Balentiaga said: ‘We were delighted to partner with Bespoked to bring this new look to our fans and customers across the world, who are looking for a way to take their Balencinciagas to the next level.’

With the Balencegas in our shop, our customers are looking forward to enjoying their holiday in style.

‘It is so important to offer a great selection of Balenca shirts and accessories, and to help people look their best on Black Thursday, and every other day of the year.

‘We look forward to working with Bepo in the future, and seeing what the next step is.’

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