Silk shirt makes sense of Rs 6,000 in Bengaluru


India has become the biggest textile market in the world with nearly Rs 6 lakh crore worth of silk and other textile products being imported from China.

But this is not the only reason for the popularity of silk shirts.

It is also because of its quality and it is also easy to make, said Anand Jain, director, textile market research, research and consultancy firm, BCLI.

“It’s a very cheap product.

It’s a cheap product and the fabric is easy to work with,” he said.

Jain, who is based in Bengalure and is also an adjunct professor in IT, said silk shirts have come a long way since their debut in the 1920s.

“I started making silk shirts when I was in my 20s and there were no other ways to make silk shirts, which was really the era when silk shirts were created.

We were the first ones in the country to start making silk clothes and we were very successful,” he added.

A new trend?

The popularity of the Silk Shirt has been rising in the last couple of years.

The popularity of Silk Shirt in Bengal has risen in recent years, said Jain.

“Silk shirts are very trendy right now.

There are a lot of different things people are buying, and a lot are looking for.

It seems to be a very good time for silk shirts to be sold,” he remarked.

A study conducted by BCLi and the Economic Survey Institute (ESI) of Bengaluru, said there is a surge in demand for Silk shirts in Bengal.

“The popularity and demand of Silk shirts is a big trend.

We are seeing an increase in demand.

It has increased from a few years ago.

We believe the demand for silk garments has increased,” said Jains research director, Rishi Agrawal.

The ESI, which is based at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, said the demand of silk garments is growing in India and the country is witnessing the first rise in silk garment exports from the US.

“We think there is an oversupply of silk fabrics.

We have seen an over-supply in the market.

We think that is a good time to start exporting more silk garments,” said Agrawall.

A few years back, silk shirts was not really an option in the domestic market, as many consumers had to use wool or cotton for their clothing.

In Bengal, the silk shirt is a new thing, and the whole industry is very different,” he told Firstpost.

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