What’s the deal with Blackshirts?


The latest Blackshirts are all black shirts with the logo of a military-themed band, and they all come with a black-and-white striped shirt.

They are available in black, grey, black, white, and a range of other colors.

They can be bought in the UK for £50 ($72) and in the US for $79 ($108) and up to $100 ($129).

There are currently three different styles of Blackshirts available: the regular shirt, the grey and black shirt, and the sleeveless shirt.

Check out our previous coverage of the Blackshirts, which can be seen in full below.

The new shirts were revealed by a Twitter account known as @PokemonUK which describes itself as “the largest official fan club for the UK Pokemon franchise,” and it recently tweeted a new video featuring a series of Blackshirt shirts.

In the video, fans can see different types of Black shirts, including the standard Blackshirt shirt, a grey and white shirt, sleevelest Blackshirt, and more.

You can get Blackshirts in a variety of colors, and some look pretty sweet.

Check them out below!

Here’s the full list of the shirts available:The new Blackshirts have been spotted by Pokemon UK, which tweeted the new Blackshirt video:The shirts have been teased by the Pokemon UK Twitter account for some time, and fans were eager to get their hands on a sample.

The first two new Blackshirts were spotted in August of last year, and Pokemon UK teased that it would be releasing Blackshirts for Black Friday in October.

That didn’t happen, and now Blackshirts from the brand are officially on sale.

The Pokemon UK account has also teased that Blackshirts will be available to purchase at the Pokemon World Shop on November 16, and that Blackshirt prices are listed as $50 ($71) and $100 (the standard Black shirt).

The Blackshirts also come with an exclusive Pokemon logo embroidered on the front.

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