This guy is making fun of the salt life shirt company, but he’s a big fan of the shirt printer he’s working for


The man behind the salt-and-pepper salt-life shirts, who goes by the handle #saltlifetweets, is making a living selling a bunch of shirts online.

So he was excited when a friend of his started a Facebook group called Salt Life T-shirts.

A few months later, #sampethysgiftgroup was born.

In the group, the two friends shared their thoughts on a bunch “of random shirts,” which they called the shirts of salt and pepper, a term that translates to the salt that makes them taste good.

The shirts are printed using a process that requires a saltwater bath and a few seconds of pressing a button.

(The shirts come in different sizes, so the company can decide which size you want.

If you want something smaller, the company recommends ordering the smaller size.)

“I was excited about the idea, because I was always trying to find something that would fit in my fridge, or something that was good for the environment,” #sapethystweet told me.

The two are currently in the middle of a project to print shirts that are green and salt- and pepper-free, which will be a good way to get people talking about sustainability.

It’s a fun project, #aprstiny and #sltgift group members told me, because they’re both doing something really interesting: They’re helping the shirt printers make money.

“We’re going to make a little profit, and it’s going to be reinvested in the shirt makers themselves,” #aprtypiny told me as we walked around the salt and peppers’ print shop.

“I think we’ve been working hard and doing good work, but this is really cool, I think it’s an opportunity for the shirt manufacturers to do something good for people.”

The shirt printing business The shirts in question are printed in a small shop in central Los Angeles, but the company also makes shirts in China, India, South Korea, and Taiwan.

The company has over 300 customers, according to #sgtagstoyshop, and #spoiledfoods, a group of companies that run their own printing operations, told me that they’ve been making salt and peppers for years.

#sgetsoyshop is also selling salt-tweet shirts, which are a good option for those who don’t have a good supply of salt.

The shirt is a bit on the pricey side, though.

It costs $50 to print one shirt, but if you buy two or more shirts, the total cost comes to $75, or $40 more than the shirt print itself.

(You can also buy other products like stickers and stickers and more.)

It’s not clear how much the company makes from its shirts.

The Salt Life Group told me the company doesn’t plan on selling any shirts to anyone outside of the United States.

If #sumpartoys can raise enough money to get more shirts printed, the group hopes to eventually sell them directly to people.

The only way to buy one of these shirts is to pledge money to the company.

“At this point, we’re looking to raise some money for the Salt Life group, which means if we get enough pledges, we can probably make shirts for the people who are really into sustainability,” #spogetsay said.

#spolestay A shirt printed in the U.S. is available for purchase through the group’s website, which you can see below.

There’s also a Salt Life t-shirt store in China.

#scapenotes A shirt in the United Kingdom is available through the shop.

#picsquid A shirt is also available in the Netherlands.

If the group gets enough money, it hopes to expand into other countries, too.

“The idea is to be able to print all the shirts worldwide,” #picksniptoy said.

“And then people can print them on their own shirts.”

The group also has a Facebook page where people can post their shirts.

Some people have already purchased shirts.

A recent post by #sipastewearmuse, for example, showed an American shirt printed on a shirt printed with an orange tangerine and yellow salt.

“You are the coolest,” #smileysgtag said, laughing.

“Who is the coolest person in the world?”

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