A Teacher’s Guide to the New T-Shirt Industry


“We wanted to start a conversation about what’s happening in the world of shirts,” said David Schlosser, the founder of T-shirt shop Shops by the Sea.

“People are starting to look at shirts and realize that this is really a very exciting way to sell things, and there’s no question that they’re making a difference in their lives.”

The first line of shirts was a simple blue shirt with a picture of a bird on it.

The idea came from Schlossers daughter, who loved the bird but didn’t like the idea of the shirt.

“She’s a big fan of birds, and she wanted a shirt with her name on it,” Schlosserson said.

“So she started thinking about it, and it kind of hit her in the face: ‘What is the coolest thing that could be done to make people like this?'”

The T-shirts were born.

“We’re very proud of our work, and we’re excited to share it with other people,” Schlosseler said.

The shirts have since been worn by millions of people.

But they’re not just used by people with special needs.

They’re being worn by children and families all over the world.

Shops By the Sea has grown to over 500 stores worldwide, from tiny local mom-and-pop shops in California to massive retail chains like Walmart.

Now, Shops is turning to the internet to spread the word.

“T-shirts are an amazing product,” Schloesser said, “and we want to make sure that it reaches the right people.”

T-SHIRTS TO THE TIDE “There are three major things we’re looking for in our next batch,” said Michael Zadar, director of merchandising at T-shirts By the Shore, which has been a supplier of Ts for the past 18 months.

For instance, he said that the popular TeeBag T-style shirt has a big hole in the center. “

There have been plenty of successful campaigns around T-sizes, and they’re all really good, but there’s a lack of quality in T-trends,” Zadark said.

For instance, he said that the popular TeeBag T-style shirt has a big hole in the center.

That’s because it’s made from cotton that can be a little bit stretchy, so you have to keep it from tearing.

“For the second, we’re trying to be as thoughtful as possible,” Zabarsaid.

The company has put the T-shaped hole in a few designs.

“It’s not a bad design, but it does create an interesting seam when you try and push it, or tug at it, which is something we definitely wanted to avoid,” Zagarsaid, who worked at Tshirts By the Seas for a few years before moving to Walmart.

“You have to remember, the shirt is designed to fit a little tighter, and when you push or tug, it’s not going to be comfortable,” he said.

In order to make the shirts, Zadarsaid has to find the right materials.

“Our main supplier of t-shirts is from China,” Zazad said.

He said he’s found cotton and rayon that he likes.

The other two materials he looks for are natural fibers like silk and polyester.

He uses cotton for his shirts, and he uses Rayon for his pants.

“That gives us an opportunity to use less cotton and more rayon,” Zatzad said, adding that the Tshirts are made in China and made to order.

“When we order, we have to ship them in an airtight, sealed package, which means we can ship them directly to you,” Zadi said.

If you’re looking to make your own T-Treats, you can order them online from or by calling the company at 800-845-9797.

“I really do love working with T-ships,” Zasad said of his new shop.

“My goal with this store is to make as many T- shirts as possible, and that’s where I find the most success.

And I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.”


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