How Burberry came to be the top fashion brand


A brand can be seen as both a fashion icon and a brand.

The former is about creating a brand, the latter is about being able to say, “I’m Burberry.”

But it’s not the only way to get the former, and the former has a reputation for not working.

A lot of the time, you can’t see the brand as a fashion brand if you don’t understand how to use it.

So, we asked four experts from Burberry and the fashion industry to explain the basics of how Burberry got to be known as one of the world’s most iconic brands.

How Burberry became the most recognizable brand in fashion, and why the brand needs to reinvent itself.1.

The Burberrys first name came from a German shepherd named Max.

When Max was about eight, he was put in charge of cleaning the sheep’s enclosure.

It was a pretty brutal job, and Max would go to the edge of the enclosure to watch the sheep struggle and then take a few steps back, and then run back and scream.

Max would not get out of the way of a herd of sheep, and that was the name Max used.

Max grew up with a lot of sheep.

Max and his family were so proud of him.

When he was eight, they decided to change the name of the family business from Burberries to Maxs, and they renamed it Burberry.

The name stuck.

It became synonymous with the brand.2.

After Max retired, Max hired a young, inexperienced apprentice to manage his business.

He thought the young apprentice would be able to help Max out.

The apprentice was a good employee, and so he took the apprentice under his wing.

Max then went to work with the apprentice and, after one year, Max decided he wanted Max to become his business partner.3.

The new business partnership became the first of its kind in Burberry history.

In the years that followed, Max would become a trusted adviser to Max.

His advice would help Max make the best business decisions possible.

When it was time to make the transition from Max’s personal business to Burberry, Max was not the best candidate for the position.

In fact, Max did not even have a degree.4.

Max had a very difficult time convincing the young girl who worked at Burberry to become pregnant.

She was so enthusiastic about working at Burberries.

Max said, “Do you want to work for me?”

And she said, Yes, Max.

Max asked the girl what she wanted to do.

And the girl said, I want to become Burberry’s head of human resources.

Max was like, Oh my God.

He was very happy to have that woman as a part of his family.


Max wanted to hire someone who had a passion for fashion.

He wanted someone who would bring him a lot more confidence.

He had an executive at Buriell who had been a big fashion designer in Italy.

Max needed someone who could bring him that confidence and he needed someone with that kind of style.6.

When the Burberry board met in late 2002, it was clear that the brand was heading in the wrong direction.

The board felt that there were some things that the Buriella people had been doing wrong and there was a need for some changes.

At that point, Max came to the board and said, The board has been thinking about this for a long time, and we need to do something about it.

The next year, the board voted to sell the company to the Buries.

The decision was made quickly, and Burberry was sold to the French company AgustaWestland in 2004.


The transition from Buriello to Buriers board was difficult.

The change from a family business to a corporate company was a lot easier than it sounds.

But, the transition was also a lot harder.

For example, the French corporation was trying to move from a fashion-oriented company to a more business-oriented one, but Burielli was trying the opposite.

The French corporation wanted to be more businesslike, and it tried to create a brand with an Italian heritage.

When they decided they needed to do both, they needed a company that would cater to both those needs.8.

Max went from working for Burberry as the head of the human resources department to becoming the company’s CEO.

He decided to hire people from the business side of things, people who could work in the field where Max was a senior manager, and people who would also be in the business.

At first, he did not expect to hire such diverse talent.

But he was surprised by how much talent he was able to bring to the table.


In 2006, Max had the first Burberry conference.

This was his chance to get people from outside Burberry in the room.

He started by asking what kinds of things Burberry wanted to talk about and how they could work together to make that happen. He invited