Shirtless man in India gives ‘dr sues’ shirtless


A shirtless man gave a shirtless and disheveled young man a $250 reward for a job in a Chinese electronics factory.

Deng Zhongsheng, 28, offered the reward after the man had given him a shirt, which he was wearing in a bar in Hefei, a city on the outskirts of Beijing.

In a video message posted on Chinese social media, Deng thanked the man and said the reward was to make the youth better.

The young man, whose identity has not been revealed, said he was in an elevator when Deng approached him and offered him a job.

The man then said he wanted to take a shower and wash his face and body, Deng said.

He then asked the young man to pay him a fee for his services, Deng added.

Deng’s employer, Chinese firm Xiamen Industrial Industry Corp, is known for producing high-end smartphones and computers.