All Day Stylists Outfit – The Cobra Kai Shirt (Black)


Featured image by All DayStylists, the brand behind the Cobra Kappa, the Cobras’ all-day shirt, is outfitting its new logo with a vintage-inspired design, a red bandana, and a red cape.

The Cobras new logo, which is part of a brand redesign, is the first time we’ve seen this Cobra kiwi logo, according to All Daystylists founder, Tom Loughnane.

“This Cobra’s the one that’s gonna be the most recognizable and recognizable because they are the only one that has all three colours, red, blue and green,” Loughne said.

The design is inspired by the original Cobras original design.

Loughnes logo is an homage to the Cobranes first jersey, the cobra, which was designed by Chris Johnston.

“The red bandanas are a tribute to the cobras iconic red bandanna,” Lougne said in a statement.

The cobra kipper is made of cotton with a leather lining and is a simple, classic look.

The design is meant to be worn all day, and the colors are intended to be bright, vivid and unique.

The cobra logo is printed on the top of the kipper, along with the name and logo.

It reads, “The Cobra is the most important player on the ice.”

The Cobrapes logo is part a new brand redesign of All DayStyles products.

The brand has revamped its site with a redesigned look, which includes a revamped design of its clothing line, the All Day Styles Collection.

Loughnanes team has spent the last year redesigning its clothing lines, and All Daystyles has been the focus of that process.

“I think [the new logo] is a perfect fit for the Cobraphes brand,” Loynes said.

“The cobras jersey and the cobrapes bandanna are both classic, they have been part of the fabric of the game since the very beginning, and we’re doing this to create something a little different.

This is a way for them to make their own identity, and something that’s unique.”

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