Man gets $4,000 for ‘cat t-shirt’


The man who made headlines when he went on trial for wearing a ‘cat shirt’ to a charity function said he got a $4.5k settlement from the charity after the trial ended.

The man, who did not want to be named, told ABC Radio Brisbane the suit was the result of a ‘carnival of bad’ after he bought a t-shirts at the Brisbane Animal Rescue Centre and was approached by a woman at the store.

“She said I’m wearing a cat shirt and said ‘that’s a good look’,” he said.

“So I bought her one, but she was very unhappy, and she said ‘you’re wearing a bad cat shirt’,” he recalled.

“I said ‘yes I am, and it’s just a t shirt’.”

He said he was told to pay $3,500, which was a lot of money for the shirt he bought.

“It’s been a few months now, but I’m hoping that people will be interested in a lot more, because there are a lot people out there who are doing good work, but it’s not easy for them,” he said.

“He said his suit was paid off by the charity, and he had never been asked to pay for it again.”

The fact that the charity got involved, and I’m glad that they did, is the best thing,” he explained.”

They’ve taken care of me, and now I’m happy to wear that t-shirt again.

“Mr Kambos was charged with making a false statement to police, and was jailed for 12 months.

He said the charity did not offer to refund the money, but would consider doing so in the future.”

We’ll look at it, we’ll discuss it with the police and see if we can get that refund,” he added.


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