When the anime industry needs you, Givechy is here to help


Givechy announced today that it will be bringing back its popular shirt line from the popular anime series One Piece, which features a pirate motif on the front.

The shirts will be available in select stores throughout Japan starting next month.

“One Piece has been a huge part of my life since I was little, and it has shaped my love for the world of anime,” said Yoshitaka Taniguchi, President and Chief Creative Officer of Givechy.

“I’m really excited to bring this iconic line back to Japan for our fans and friends.

The iconic designs, timeless and classic style of the shirts reflect the creative genius of our talented team and the rich history of the franchise.”

One Piece shirts were created in collaboration with local apparel brands, with designs and fabrics created by local artists.

They will be released through a new online shop that will debut in November.

The One Piece shirts will feature the One Piece logo, a colorful pirate hat, and a colorful shirt that shows a pirate crew.

The new line will feature new designs and colors throughout the months of November and December.