Oxford shirt company makes shirt for men that’s for sale exclusively to women


Oxford shirt manufacturer Oxford Shirt Co., a Massachusetts-based company, is expanding its range of women-only clothing products to include shirts specifically made for men.

Oxford has expanded its Women-Only line to include a women’s tee and a women-and-boys-only tee with a limited-edition version of a black Oxford shirt.

The company also announced it will begin selling women’s shirts in stores on May 18.

The women’s shirt is the first shirt in its Men-only line, which was launched last year.

Oxford shirtmaker Oxford also announced the company will make a women and girls-only Oxford shirt available on May 20, and it plans to start selling the shirt at retail locations starting April 16.

The Oxford shirt is also available in men’s sizes from a 6XL to a 12XL.

Oxford shirts are available in a wide range of colors, styles and colors, including a dark brown oxford with black and gold trim and a lighter brown ox and black oxford.

The oxford is available in sizes from 6XL through 12XL, and both oxford and oxford men’s styles are available with the option of a red oxford or blue oxford on the same size.

The men’s oxford tee is available with a white tee, a black ox and a black-and, in addition to the red ox, blue ox, and black-red oxford options, also available with red ox and blue ox.

The shirts are priced from $70.50 to $80.50, depending on the size and style, and they’re available online.

Oxford also announced in April that it plans on expanding its Men’s line to be available exclusively to men in May, and the company said on Monday that it will also be selling a women shirt with the Men-and and Girls-only options.

“Oxford is one of the largest shirt manufacturers in the world, and we are excited to expand our Women-only offerings to include the Oxford shirt,” said Alex Vlahakis, vice president of corporate communications for Oxford, in a statement.

“We know that men love their oxford shirts, and with our new Oxford shirt, we are giving men the opportunity to wear our shirt as much as women, with the same quality, style and value.

The Women-and Girls-and Men- and Women- and Boys-and Women-specific Oxford shirts will be available for purchase at Oxford’s stores and online beginning May 20.”