How to crochet your own shirt, with great results


The first thing you need to do is buy a bunch of shirts from your local thrift store.

These can be a great source of inspiration.

Here are some great choices for crocheting your own.

Crochet the shirt you want with this tutorial, from the top to the bottom, from left to right.

You can also make your own version using a regular yarn or wool.

Here’s how:First, make the neckline.

First, cut a slit down the middle of the neck.

This is your front.

Now, take your yarn and thread it through the slit and pull it tight.

Then, weave the thread through the opening in the neck to secure the fabric.

The end result will look like this.

You’ll need a needle for this.

Next, cut the back of the shirt.

Take a piece of yarn and pull through the cut at the bottom.

You should be able to easily pull through all the way around the neck, just a little to avoid the neck seam.

This will be your collar.

Now fold the yarn over the collar and pull the thread tight.

You will be able for this to look like a collar.

Cut the sleeves.

Take the yarn and fold it around the arm and pull up tight.

This should be a sleeve.

Next, take the yarn through the sleeve and pull a loop through.

It should look like an elastic.

The ends will be a little rounded at the edges, and the button holes will be at the top and bottom.

Cut the buttons, and then sew them onto the sleeves with a sewing needle.

Here you can see the buttons being sewn on.

This shirt is pretty cool.

If you have any ideas for what to make, feel free to share in the comments section.

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