Which Israeli shirts do you like best?


Some Israeli shirts, like the ones worn by soldiers, have become a fashion trend.

Others, like kaws shirts, are a bit more formal.

So what are your favorite kaws and what do you think of them?

Kaws are short sleeved shirts worn by the soldiers of Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.

In the summer months, they’re also worn by those working in construction and other construction jobs.

They’re often worn with a kimono or by a military uniform.

But if you like a little more casual, the army also sells kaws with the collar pulled up and a plain shirt underneath.

The shirts are made by a local firm called Kaws Shirts.

They sell at discount prices, and the company offers free shipping to countries outside Israel.

The shirt comes in two styles: a casual one and a formal one.

The casual one comes in sizes up to 32 inches, and is available in three colors: dark gray, black, and blue.

The formal one comes with a collar that is wide, and it can also be worn with khaki pants.

Kaws shirts are usually worn with navy blue pants.

I really like the khaki ones.

It looks nice, and they’re really inexpensive.

I would say the black ones are the best quality.

They have a nice touch of color to them, and a nice, subtle, but interesting effect.

I love the idea of wearing kaws to the beach.

When the wind blows, you wear a kaws.

It’s really relaxing and you can get away with it.

You don’t need a hat and gloves, so it’s a very practical shirt.

You can also wear it for an informal social occasion.

The sleeves are long, so you can wear them in any situation.

I like to wear it on the beach, because it has a nice flow to it.

And you can just walk around the beach without a jacket on.

So you can have your shirt hanging from your shirt, or just pull it up and wear it, too.

I don’t really wear them at home, but they look great on me in the evenings when I’m relaxing.

What do you make of the military wearing kawts?

I’m surprised at how often it comes up.

When I first heard about the kaws, I didn’t think that they would ever be a thing.

I think it’s an idea that’s quite a bit ahead of its time.

The military in Israel has been using them since the 1990s, and now there’s a growing trend of people wearing them to work.

It has an interesting effect on people.

It can be a very fun, fun thing to do with a civilian group of people, and then you can go outside and play with your friends.

But when you have an army that is not only doing this work, but is also protecting people, it makes it a little bit more serious.

So I think that’s what makes them popular, that they are a nice expression of a serious duty.

I hope that the military wears them more frequently.

If they were to change their dress code and become more relaxed, I think they would be more popular, too, and people would see them more often.

They are a very good fit for many Israeli women, who are more active than men.

I’ve always found that the IDF has a very active military, so they’re good for them.

What are your thoughts on kaws?

I love kaws!

They are really easy to wear and they are comfortable.

You wear them to the swimming pool, and you also wear them with khakis and a jacket.

The whole thing is really simple.

It works, and I really enjoy wearing them.

And I think a kaw shirt is the perfect expression of that, a military look.