Big Sister Season 3 Episode 1: A Conversation About The Family


The Big Sisters are about to get a big sister for their fourth season, and while they’re excited to have a new member, we’re also excited to get to know her.

The cast and creators of the upcoming Big Sister season are back at San Diego Comic-Con for their panel, which takes place on Friday, August 15.

The panel is set to feature a discussion about the importance of family, as well as the importance to the franchise of telling stories that aren’t about the Big Sisters.

In the video above, you can hear the cast of Big Sister talk about how they feel about their new sister, who is playing a different character this time around.

“We love [my sister] a lot,” said the actress who plays Rebecca.

“She’s really sweet, she’s a really sweet girl.

We just really want to be there for her.

We know she has a very strong family.”

The cast also talked about the influence of The Bachelor on their characters.

“Bachelor has a big influence on the way we play out our lives,” said actress Stephanie Savage.

“The Bachelor is really a big part of how we think about relationships and family.

The show is such a great representation of who we are and what we do, and it’s something that’s so hard to express, because it’s so public, so we don’t get a lot of exposure for it.

And also, it’s such a very vulnerable show, it takes place in the middle of the day, so people can just be in it and have fun.”

Rebecca said that she felt a “sense of obligation” to her new sister after seeing her on The Bachelor, which she said made her want to work harder to be successful.

“You know, I feel a sense of obligation to my sister to do something that I’m really passionate about,” she said.

“And so, it was like, I want to just make sure that I really am doing that.

And then I want her to know that I feel that I’ve been doing that and that I care.

So it just feels like the best way to go.

It’s just the best thing for the best person.”

The Big Sister panel is also set to take place in a special “Big Sister” costume that will be given to each member of the cast.

The “Big Sisters” costumes will include a “Big Girl” hat, which is the traditional outfit for the Big Sister.

The Big Girls will also be given a pair of “Big Brother” earrings and “Big Boys” bracelets, as seen above.

In addition, a special costume is set for Big Sister and Rebecca, which features them wearing a different outfit each time they are seen onscreen.

The entire cast and crew will be on hand for the panel, and you can check out the full schedule for the convention here.

Watch the trailer below to get more details about Big Sister: